TDS Payment Policy

Please take a few moments and read the information below. Should you have any questions regarding the information, please do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 777-7650. Thank you for choosing Tours de Sport and we look forward to a successful Ski Trip!

We provide, at no cost to you, our Group Leader Kit, now available via email, to help you promote and sell your tour.


$75.00 per person required to secure reservation.* $150.00 due 60 days prior to departure with room list Final balance and Final room list due 45 Days prior to departure

  • Tours de Sport accepts Personal checks**, money orders and certified bank checks at our home office location.
  • Credit Card payments can be made by clicking here.
4 digit code:   3992
Company Information:   Tours de Sport
    722 Dulaney Valley Road #205
    Towson, MD 21204
Account number:   your reservation # from TDS

*Initial room block of 20 rooms per reservation are held until first deposit date. After that, any undeposited rooms will be released. Additional rooms after that time are first come, first serve based on deposits in-house.

**Personal checks accepted from group leaders only prior to 45 days of trip departure.