Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a minimum amount of people I need signed up to travel on my Winter Weekend Getaway?
    • No! There is no group too small. We will be happy to accommodate just our group leader should no one else be traveling with you. Groups under 20 persons may have their pick up location and time altered based on available bus combinations.
  2. What if my group does not want to share a bus?
    • Simply choose the private bus option at least 21 days prior to your departure. Your group would be billed each empty seat up to 50 passengers at $50.00 per seat. Private bus options MUST be confirmed and paid for at the 21-day mark.
  3. Can my group have more than one pick up location?
    • Yes, if you either fill your bus or choose the private bus option. Groups sharing a bus with another group will get 1 pick up location, however members of your group are able to go to the other pick up locations if they are more convenient. Just let your account representative know who will be picking up at an alternative location other than the one you chose.
  4. Can my group bring our own DJ?
    • Tours de Sport provides DJ services as part of our standard package. Groups that fill an entire hotel are welcome to bring their own entertainment. Tours de Sport will not incur any cost for such entertainment.
  5. Are there discounts for children?
    • Yes, children age 12 and under have discounted rates. Please refer to each particular tour page for pricing. Children's rates are based on 2 or more paying adults sharing the room. Children's rates do not apply for children staying in their own room.
  6. Can my group get a hospitality room?
    • Some hotels do offer smaller conference rooms that can be used as hospitality suites. Tours de Sport will gladly make a request for your group; some hotels do charge a room fee for such a service.

Tours de Sport Payment Policies

Tours de Sport no longer accepts cash at its home office.

Personal checks*, money orders and certified back checks will gladly be accepted during office hours.


All credit card payments MUST be accompanied with a signed credit card authorization form. Forms will be provided in your group leader kit or can be accessed on our website at


Tours de Sport accepts MONEYGRAM Express Payments:

  1. Locate a MoneyGram agent nearest you via:
  2. Fill out the Blue Express payment form:
    • 4-digit code: 3992
    • Your 4-digit reservation number
    • All payments made through MoneyGram must be in the form of cash.

* Personal checks only accepted from group leader prior to 21 day final payment due date. Certified funds only within 21 days of departure.